tonight i finally told you that you have made me feel like you hated me the past couple of months…you sent me the most bullshit reply…i’m not entirely mad because it was my first time really hearing from you in the past 2 months…but also i still don’t feel any better. you were my best friend. and i miss being stupid with you and having you laugh at all of the stupid things that i do and say when i think no one else is listening to me…but you hurt me. my family loved you. my other friends loved you. you fit into my life so perfectly. then you go and disregard me completely like i was nothing to you. you say you are going through stuff but i know it’s a lie. i’d rather you be honest with me. stop the bullshit. i cared/still care about you, but i am hurt by you. i just want to rewind to when things were good. when i saw you all the time and woke up to stupid texts or snapchats from you…..that’s all. 


My dog leaves me to live in California next week…just thinking about him leaving makes me tear up a bit. He has been the best dog we have ever had. Always there to cuddle and cheer me up when I’m sad. Greets me everytime I come home, and has loved me unconditionally ever since he moved in with us. I will miss him quite terribly, but I know my brother will be happy to have him back. Ugh. The feels :/